With Raido Financial you can:

Perform all types of trading operations efficiently with highly technological features.The technical architecture of Raido Financial is capable of providing users with the maximum data processing speed due to the high performance and load-processing system.

Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. A tokenized smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be integrated into the Raido Financial system, which will provide a set of "all in one" tools needed to implement a token sale - including all marketing, legal and technical aspects.

Anonymously, securely and profitably carry out trading, exchange, investment activities with crypto assets from a single multi-currency wallet.

Proceed legal and transparent trading activity with large volume of crypto assets for B2B and institutional market stakeholders.

Benefits of Raido Financial

High-technology and efficiency of operations

High performance and load-processing system, integrated FIX API, WebSockets, REST protocols.

Processes of high-frequency queries and effective use of algorithmic and Machine Learning modules

GEO DNS zones and efficient allocation of queries.

Launch and effective management of new ICOs.

Tokenized Smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects with «all in one» tools.

Anonymous and secure operations with multiple currencies for B2C market players

Multicurrency crypto wallet with low fees, integrated processing of plastic cards, money and electronic pay-out systems.

Processing of merchants for tokens and plastic card emissions

Payment accepting module for cryptocurrencies / fiat currencies, dashboard for exchanging, cash-out and control of financial balances.

Large crypto assets volume trading, using leverage and other tools on Raido Exchange

Liquidity aggregators, integrated within a single ecosystem with the largest trading platforms, crypto-exchanges, brokers and other financial institutions.

Legal and transparent trading activity for B2B and institutional market stakeholders

Complex fintech and legal solutions that combine all types of crypto financial activities and currency tools for B2B on a single platform.

High-tech security system of financial assets for all the users of ecosystem

Aggregated solutions - IP filtering, data encryption, two-factor authentication, independent layers of cryptographic protection and much more.

About Us

Our mission is to provide crypto market stakeholders with the most efficient, comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. Our main goal is to develop and perfect the ecosystem, whereby any participant of the crypto market can easily obtain and use high-efficient and profitable tools with any type of experience level in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.

Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange

A reliable, efficient and multifunctional solution for trading and listing ICO tokens with high scaling potential and processing speed.

Over 50 cryptocurrency exchange and margin trading tools

Multifunctional technical analysis of resources (set of indicators, 12 time zones)

High-speed connection channel with the ability to proceed up to 100 requests per second from each participant

Connection with external services of crypto-exchanges, exchangers and payment systems

Data Encryption, "cold" storage and two-factor authentication with a verification

Aggregation and distribution of liquidity

Ability to add custom tokens, including the ones issued via ICO/ITO/TGE

Use of APIs with REST, WebSocket, FIX protocols

Multicurrency Raido Wallet

Cross-platform solution for anonymous and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal of fiat money, and money transfers

Support for Bitcoin, main Altcoins and tokens with the further listing of new currencies

Guarantee of funds’ security thanks to private keys, encryption and wallet cryptography

Confidentiality and anonymity without identification data reference and tracking transactions

Integration with online projects of any complexity and issuance of own cryptocurrency

The transaction process is carried out with one click without additional steps or multiple entries

Maintenance and use of your own funds in all supported coins

Support of English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, localization for other languages is available

The commission fee is calculated dynamically, ensuring the best value for money

Token Sale

People seek satisfaction, throwing themselves from one thing to another because they feel the emptiness of their lives but do not yet realize the emptiness of the new delight that attracts them. — Pascal

Pre-Token Sale start date 15th November 2018 Hard cap 52 762,5 ETH
Pre-Token Sale end date 15th December 2018 Soft cap 7 500 ETH
Main Token Sale start date 15th January 2019 Token symbol RF
Main Token Sale end date 15th February 2019 Token sale price 1RF = 0,001 ETH
Total token supply 86 250 000 Token standard ERC20
Total tokens offered 60 262 500 Token type Utility

Distribution of tokens

Marketing costs - 22%

Developing, testing and product
debugging costs - 36%

Administrative expenses - 3%

Legal expenses - 9%

Company (listing on exchange) - 10%

Developers - 10%

Advisors - 5%

Airdrop - 2%

Bounty - 3%


Filippos Konstantinidis - CEO

Yassin Walid Yunis - Analyst of the currency market

Roman Shevchenko - Managing trader and analyst of the currency and commodity market

Alfredo Hernandez Suarez - Trader and analyst of the currency market

Marian Di Valentino - Trader and analyst of the cryptocurrency market

Pedram Raufi - Financial analyst

Dmitry Kucher - Head of the Analyst Team, Head Of Fibo Group Academy

Elena Tambovets - Translations of the current fundamental news

Simeon Levesque - Business Developer

Ekaterina Naimushina - Marketing Director / Strategic Planner

Katherine Romaniuk - PR Director / Project Manager

Alexander Arinin - Chief Technical Officer

Denis Gerasimov - Software developer

Yevhen Vityuk - Airdrop & Bounty Manager

Karina Kostenko - Community Manager.


Boris Otonicar - Blockchain Advisor

Quentin Herbrecht - Strategic and Marketing Advisor

Eloisa Marchesoni - Investment Advisor

Bogdan Fiedur - Technical Advisor

Roman Karimov - Investment Advisor


Our Partners

Raido Financial in Media

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What is the minimum price for the Pre-Sale participation?

50 tokens

When will the Pre-Sale begin and how to participate?

PRE-Sale starts on 15/11/2018 14:00 (GMT+ 00), PRE-Sale will last for 30 days. After the start of the PRE-Sale, the purchase of tokens will be available at ico.raidofinancial.com. Click "buy tokens" and follow the simple instructions.

Can I participate in the ICO with fiat currencies?

Yes, you can.

Is it necessary to purchase your tokens for the future use of the ecosystem features? Or can I participate without your tokens?

To use the services of the system, it is not necessary to be a token holder. But the owners of the RF token receive a number of advantages over other participants.

How to make sure that the development of the platform will continue after the Token Sale?

Even before the Token Sale, we have already increased the functionality of the ecosystem modules by 15-30%, so we and our partners are interested in the further development of the platform.

I still have some questions, where can I find answers to them?

Join our Telegram chat or visit our profiles in social media, and ask our team members all the questions that you may have.

Will the interface be translated into other languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German)?

The interface is already available in 15 major languages. In the future, we will definitely add others.

How is your project fundamentally different from other exchanges / exchangers?

There are brokers, traders and analysts in our team, so our system combines the best solutions in the market, providing maximum opportunities with low commission.

If you do not collect the full amount necessary to ICO, will it affect the development of the project?

If we do not collect the necessary amount, then we will adjust the deadlines for the implementation of the project’s stages and will attract additional funds in other ways.

Do you have any difficulties with obtaining licenses for CySEC, FCA, ASIC, etc.?

We already have some of the licenses and we know the terms and conditions for the obtainment of the rest.

Will the token holders receive any privileges when using the platform?

Token holders receive a number of discounts when working with the elements of the system, regardless of what kind of operations they perform.

When will your product go from a demo mode to a full-featured mode with a full set of functions?

We expect this to happen no later than February 2019